So close!

So, remember when I said that I was going to complete each monthly installment within the month received for the Serenity Harbor Sampler? It would be nice to have a few more days of April for that particular plan. Maybe take a few of those days I didn’t need from March?

Anyway, I’m not going to worry myself about it. I mean, this is supposed to be fun, right? The only downside to this month’s crafty flakiness is that I’ll be out of town for a week and a half or so in May. Maybe I can bring it with me? It’s not like it’s enormous or anything…



I wish I had editing software that would let me draw in the missing picture. Can anyone point me in the direction of what I could use to add some fancy arrows and text to my photos?


For a while, and by that I mean practically my entire life, I have been plagued with a severe case of super terrible time management*. Oddly, this didn’t translate too terribly much into my work life, but it has permeated my personal life for far too long. So, for the last year I’ve been reading blogs, books, and anything I could get my hands on to get myself on track.

The great thing about these kind of searches is that one typically receives enlightenment from the most unexpected places and for me it was signing up for Ramit Sethi’s 20X Your Potential email course. Day 1 was a physical challenge in which I held (mostly) a plank for 21 minutes, it was brutal! Day 2 started a more internal/mental approach and was essentially a day to set a long term goal that you’ve been avoiding. One of the steps was to meditate on that goal. Let me say first that I’ve been meditating on and off for a while now and though I believe it helps me in a lot of ways, I had never had a light bulb moment… until this past Tuesday. I’m not going to get into it here, but to put it simply, I see things in a slightly different way and it has made things much more clear and doable.

Now let’s skip to today, Day 5. The challenge was to give back, to do something for others instead of for yourself. Wow! This used to be something I was good at and let fall to the side. When I lived in Charlotte I volunteered at Animal Care and Control, I gave blood every eight weeks, I did a lot more than I’m doing now which is almost nothing. So now I’ve been challenged and it’s time to step it up.

On March 22nd I’ll be attending a volunteer orientation for Animal Care & Control
On March 26th I’ll be donating blood and setting up a regular schedule going forward
Today I donated through Kiva
On Monday I’ll be contacting my local ALS chapter about donating time

This internal shift feels good and I plan to make the most of it. What about you? What do you feel good about? I need to know!

*I once completed and entire Social Studies Fair the night before it was due. Ugh!

hidden potential, maybe

In between waiting for a load of laundry to stop spinning and before I run off to scrub the shower (cause those things don’t magically take care of themselves, apparently) I thought I would discuss a small personality flaw of mine.

magsI know, it looks like a pile of magazines, but what you’re actually looking at is a compulsive behavior. Growing up it was unicorns, stickers, and such. As an adult it’s been Barbies, Beanie Babies (embarrassing, but true), and crafting supplies which has ranged from patterns to yarn and everything in between. I’ve mostly broken out of this need to have more and more and more of something, but for some reason my current obsession seems to be these lovely glossy periodicals.

This is not all of them, but only the unread ones and this doesn’t even include my digital subscriptions… in my defense, sort of, I no longer have any physical subscriptions, but when I pass by a wall of magazines like this my heart races a little and I might break into a bit of a sweat. It’s almost like I’m gazing on a wall of potential, but we all know that’s not really how it works.


So now I’ve placed myself on a strict moratorium of absolutely no magazines until we get packed up and move to our new place. That’s a month and half. Totally doable, but that means I have to figure out a way to buy groceries without passing this wall of temptation…

too much

I love making things. Using my hands, creating something from scratch. Over the years I’ve dabbled in cross-stitch, jewelry making, baking, and most currently knitting.

Knitting, like all the others has a tendency to ebb and flow. I may put it down for a time only to attack them later with a vengeance. Not only do I love the hands on work, but the tools and gadgets. Those are almost as much fun as the craft itself. To that end I’ve accumulated a lot of, let’s call it stash, over the years. So many things to collect and prize and swoon over. So many things that in the end become dust collectors. I know, I know. I shouldn’t say that, but for me it’s beginning to become a truth. I have too much. When I stop to really think about it, how many cross-stitch magazines does one need or how many skeins of yarn is enough or too much? For me I’m beginning to see the line, my line, and I’ve not just stepped over, but pole vaulted to the furthest reaches of my tolerance.

To that end, I’ve started to systematically work through the many drawers and shelves of stash that I’ve collected over the years. This, as in everything I do, ebbs and flows. Mostly, I’ve focused on the cross-stitch since that seems to be out of favor for me now. Easier to part with the things that aren’t so popular in this brain of mine. That doesn’t make it easy, just a bit less stressful than dealing with the thousands of yards of yarn I’ve acquired. Yarn that I’m struggling to find a use for. Yes, I realize I should knit it… but there’s just so much!

I had recently shied away from EBay due to a bad experience with an overseas buyer, but you know what? It’s really hard to find a market for your items without using some sort of outside help so EBay it is!

So off I go to sort and force myself to part with a set number of items to keep it real. Often, I have to tell myself that I’ll be parting with X number of items or it becomes a completely useless exercise in fawning over my pretties. I even have to set rules like if I can’t find a new home for said item(s) in X number of days then they are sent packing to Goodwill.

All this so that I can walk into my craft room and feel good about what’s in there. So I can feel like I have exactly what I need, no more no less. So that I can have a seat at my desk without throwing random items on the floor so that Leeloo can have a go at them. All this is so that I feel good about me.

It’s also caused me to be more thoughtful in my purchasing. Granted, I may have gone on a slight bender when Aimee came to town, but that’s the fun of having friends. I can’t be a complete stick in the mud!

So, do you have too much, too little, or is it just right? I’d love to hear what you all think about your stashes or just your stuff in general.


getting things done

The sweater vest of doom is done. done. done. I’m not really that happy with it. I’ll probably never wear it, but it’s done. The best I can say is it was a great learning experience and the #1 thing I learned was don’t take three years to complete an article of clothing. Not. Good.

I did, however, finish this super cute hat. Love it and I’ve been wearing it like crazy!

I also finished off yet another pair of socks. Whee! So much knitting getting done around here. It’s like an epidemic of fun. Uh, yeah, so here are the Intrepid Travelers. Super fun and bright as heck!

That’s all I’ve got for now, until next time…





















I’m on a plane!

Whee! So says Louis CK

We need to appreciate what we have a bit more, which is completely apropos for me in a couple of ways.

  • Gogo Inflight Internet went down so I may or may not be able to post this from the airplane and I’m not even angry about it (see link above) *
  • Love your friends and family cause you never know what life will bring.

Joe and I flew home for a long weekend to visit our families that are now far far away since our move to San Francisco. Great times! Among other things we celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday and was able to spend time with both of our families. I realized this weekend just how much I miss everyone. I mean, I knew I missed them, but this trip really brought all that home. Of course, I love the city and don’t see us moving back to the east coast anytime soon, but I’ll sure be using FaceTime a lot more!

In between all the awesome that was the familiar visiting, someone may have purchased a shiny new camera. A shiny new camera that takes the most crazy awesome pictures in the universe. OK, I may be exaggerating a teeny bit, but this is by far the nicest camera I’ve ever owned. Actually, this very post was to be the debut of the fabulous pictures I took with it this weekend. A few pics of the family. A few of the socks and hat that I managed to finish this weekend. I’m sure you see where this is going… the camera (Canon T3i, for those that are interested, thanks Aimee) was a bit too bulky for carry on so it was packed back into it’s box and into the checked luggage. With the SD card still in it.

So the plan is in the next few days to show you some pics of my siblings, some knitting, and a few other odds and ends that strike my fancy. Stay tuned!

*yeah, totally posted this at home.

good times

What have I been up to this weekend? I managed to do at least some sorting an organizing of the stash and made some major progress on The Vest That Can Not Be Finished. If I get moving I may actually be able to finish weaving in the ends and seem up the sides today. That would be amazing.

Though I feel the need to finish this I honestly have no idea if I’ll ever wear it. I guess that’s the curse of finishing something that was started over three years ago…

On the food and wine front we spent the afternoon at Epic Roasthouse for High on the Hog. What do I have to say about it? Fantastic!

The day was perfect, the band was amazing, and the food the wine… awesome. We couldn’t have asked for nicer way to spend an afternoon. This is definitely going on our annual to do list.

Now I’ll leave you with this parting shot of Cupid’s Span because I love living in a city that has a giant sculpture of a bow and arrow.

culling the herd

Good Morning! It’s a nice lazy Saturday morning at Casa de Judi and I’ve spent a good portion of it catching up on blogs, which led me to Sew Liberated‘s post from a few days ago. I <3 this room! It’s everything I want a craft room to be. Tons of light, organized, spacious, organized…

I’m sure you can sense a theme here. I need to cull the herd and do some major organizing. And I need to do it today. I need to do it today since I hate even walking into mine. Now, realistically, mine will not look like Meg’s, but you know what? That is perfectly OK. However, I want to walk into mine and feel inspired and not like I have to wade through the piles and bins to find what I’m looking for. To that end I’m setting up a destash in Ravelry. You can find me here. I only have a few items listed at the moment and I need to add at least one photo, but you get the idea. Oh, and I’m open to negotiation. Send me a note and we can talk.

well, hello there

Hi there and welcome to my corner of the internets! I’m working on tidying the place up, but it should be spruced up here pretty soon.

Check back soon for actual real life blogging.