too much

I love making things. Using my hands, creating something from scratch. Over the years I’ve dabbled in cross-stitch, jewelry making, baking, and most currently knitting.

Knitting, like all the others has a tendency to ebb and flow. I may put it down for a time only to attack them later with a vengeance. Not only do I love the hands on work, but the tools and gadgets. Those are almost as much fun as the craft itself. To that end I’ve accumulated a lot of, let’s call it stash, over the years. So many things to collect and prize and swoon over. So many things that in the end become dust collectors. I know, I know. I shouldn’t say that, but for me it’s beginning to become a truth. I have too much. When I stop to really think about it, how many cross-stitch magazines does one need or how many skeins of yarn is enough or too much? For me I’m beginning to see the line, my line, and I’ve not just stepped over, but pole vaulted to the furthest reaches of my tolerance.

To that end, I’ve started to systematically work through the many drawers and shelves of stash that I’ve collected over the years. This, as in everything I do, ebbs and flows. Mostly, I’ve focused on the cross-stitch since that seems to be out of favor for me now. Easier to part with the things that aren’t so popular in this brain of mine. That doesn’t make it easy, just a bit less stressful than dealing with the thousands of yards of yarn I’ve acquired. Yarn that I’m struggling to find a use for. Yes, I realize I should knit it… but there’s just so much!

I had recently shied away from EBay due to a bad experience with an overseas buyer, but you know what? It’s really hard to find a market for your items without using some sort of outside help so EBay it is!

So off I go to sort and force myself to part with a set number of items to keep it real. Often, I have to tell myself that I’ll be parting with X number of items or it becomes a completely useless exercise in fawning over my pretties. I even have to set rules like if I can’t find a new home for said item(s) in X number of days then they are sent packing to Goodwill.

All this so that I can walk into my craft room and feel good about what’s in there. So I can feel like I have exactly what I need, no more no less. So that I can have a seat at my desk without throwing random items on the floor so that Leeloo can have a go at them. All this is so that I feel good about me.

It’s also caused me to be more thoughtful in my purchasing. Granted, I may have gone on a slight bender when Aimee came to town, but that’s the fun of having friends. I can’t be a complete stick in the mud!

So, do you have too much, too little, or is it just right? I’d love to hear what you all think about your stashes or just your stuff in general.



You know, life is pretty good. I mean, sometimes life can get you down, but Sunday we were out on the water, on the most gorgeous day ever, with good friends. Sometimes you need a kick in the pants reminder that things really are OK.

Sometimes you just have to let go… or maybe hold on a bit so you don’t fall in the chilly East Bay.

 Sometimes you need to enjoy a few mimosas with friends…

and even more friends.

Sometimes you need to see things from a different perspective.

Sometimes things are just fine.