weekend update

This past weekend was one of those really good ones. One of those weekends where it seemed like everything went just right.

Friday night we headed over to the San Francisco Symphony to see American Mavericks. The hall is gorgeous and we had amazing seats pretty much dead center in the lower level. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much about these composers or their music, but it was such an experience. I will say though, that Harrison’s Concerto for Organ was, um, disconcerting at best. There was a lot of dissonance and it was a bit overwhelming at times, but you know what? It was so much fun and now I have a couple composers that I’ll be looking into, since I really enjoyed the other pieces. I’ll definitely be back for more!

Saturday was spent running those errands that you can’t seem to get done during the week and then we bought pillows at Crate & Barrel. It’s the little things, you know? Like freshening up your living room with shiny new pillows with giant flowers. It is spring after all…

Sunday was the best though. I spent over two hours that morning at Imagiknit listening to Amy of MadelineTosh talk about color theory. Yeah, I know that may not sound like all that, but she was amazing. You could feel her energy and her love for color came through with every word and every bit of dyed yarn she picked up and spoke about. She made the history of color and dye come to life and was able to connect it with the fashionable colors of today. I was amazed at how a few simple rules could change how I look at and combine colors in everyday life… something I’m really not that great at. This, of course, means that I see a pocket color wheel and a gray scale in my future to be carried about wherever I go. I wonder if this means I might actually add a bit more color to my wardrobe?


Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something? Like it’s knocking on your door and saying, um hello? Are you paying attention over here?

That seems to be happening Right Now. A few weeks ago I ended a three week adventure (loosely based on this plan from Whole Living), where I excluded caffeine, alcohol, dairy, gluten, and sugar from my diet. There was much juicing and eating of really good healthy food and wondering what the heck I was doing… This experiment didn’t come from a place of weight loss though, as much as from a need to be healthy and feel better about myself. I’m definitely not eating that strict now, but I learned a lot about myself during the process. Internal growth FTW!

The next knock on my door came from a tweet from my friend Aimee wanting to know if I would buy the book “40 Days to Personal Revolution” and start it with her on Monday. As chance would have it this book was already sitting on my bookshelf, apparently hanging out casual for this exact moment to occur. So as of this Monday I’ve been reading Baron Baptiste’s thoughts, meditating (so hard!) twice a day, and practicing my yoga. I feel good about it and love that a friend from across the country encouraged me to get moving.

They say things come in threes, right? On Tuesday I went to a seminar at work and was really inspired and kind of awed at how it seemed to fit with my current state of mind. It’s like the universe, oh wait, I mentioned that already, anyway… Our speaker was Ellen Looyen and she spoke about personal branding. I know, personal branding, what? Well, she was amazing, inspiring, and very insightful. I definitely walked away with more ideas to ponder.

Now I’m off to yoga at the insistence of Aimee and Baron… ommmmmmmm


fun in the sun

The weather this winter has been exceptionally nice, even by our standards. So when some friends invited us to go eat some oysters on the water last weekend we were totally in. We drove up north to Tomales Bay Oyster Company and snagged a table and a bag of oysters. It was an amazing day!

This is the view from our table. It was great to be out in the warm California sun.

This place was crazy packed!

None of us had ever shucked oysters so our first attempts may have been a little dangerous. I think next time I’ll be sure we have some of those protective gloves so we don’t have to be quite so cautious. No fingers were maimed in the eating of any oysters… though I can’t say the oysters were so lucky. Mmmmm delicious!



epic day

Oh hi there… I know, it’s been ages. I know, I really should write more, but um, lazy I guess? Well, no more. My theme for 2012 is follow-through and their will now be follow-through here. So lets say once a week we meet here? I think that sounds good.

On to my goings on in life. I have one of those good news bad news things. Times two actually. It’s been an interesting few days to say the least.

Let’s start off with the biggie. Joe gets a call yesterday letting him know that his dad is going in for heart surgery today. What!? We’re talking about the guy, who in his mid 70’s, is jogging like 3 miles a day. Seriously? I can barely run a mile. Ugh! I need to start running again. Anyway, I digress, Joe takes the red eye last night so he can be with his family. The good news is that his dad is in recovery and doing really well. Such a relief! I mean, it was only a technicality that he didn’t get a stint and no prior heart attack so not a stretch, but still a relief to get the good news.

Then there is my stupid ass. I’m hungry so I run out to grab some dinner and half way down the street I think… I didn’t take my keys. I rummaged through my purse to be sure, but yeah, no keys. Nothing. *sigh* Really? Yeah, really. So, I go grab my dinner and on the way back text the dog walker to see if she can get me in. No response. What’s a girl to do? Google a locksmith on my phone that has 13% battery left. I’m awesome like that. The good news is that this guy showed up in 30 minutes and had the door open in 3. I was amazed at his dexterity in getting that bad boy open and it made me feel much better about having two locked doors in the front of the building that a burglar needs to get through before getting to my door.

That’s been my day. One day. And I act like I don’t have anything to write about…

a lesson

So much knitting has been happening around here. So much! I was able to finish this super cute shawl in the first few days of January. I even washed and blocked it.

OK, I didn’t knit the entire shawl in two days, but I buckled down and powered through the last rows of over 400 stitches so that I could start on a fresh new project in the new year. I believe this is what we call follow-through, right?

This second picture is a bit more true to color. It’s a beautiful grey with bits of blue and purple. MadelineTosh creates such amazing colors. I’ll definitely be knitting with more of this soon. The shawl is called Sugar is Sweet and it’s officially my new fave!

Next I decided to knit up this super quick cowl that should have taken me a small portion of an evening, but instead took me four days of ridiculousness to finish. This ball of yarn right here… it taught me a life lesson. I know, so cliche, but true.

Malabrigo - Rasta

What I realized after knitting, ripping out, being unhappy, knitting again, ripping back, being unhappy, and on and on… is that when my mind is a mess my knitting is a mess. The chaos in my head translates into my knitting. Now I know why several of my projects over the past few months have been practically non-starters or better yet, projects that I knit on and on knowing there were major issues. It’s amazing where you can glean bits of knowledge from, especially when you are open to them. It took me a while, but I finally caught on.

The cowl is finished, but I need good daylight so I’ll get some pics this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have found some buttons by then.

I’m going to leave you with this pic of Joe and Leeloo. I really love it. I was fooling around with my camera after taking a photography class. Took me a few tries to get the settings right, but I think it’s a winner!

Joe & Leeloo

I swear she looks like an old man sometime…


I’m only part way into the first day of 2012 and I already feel fantastic, scratch that, I feel furiously happy (thanks Jenny!) and that’s how I want to feel the rest of the year and beyond. I went to a yoga workshop about manifestation this afternoon and came home with a lot of new perspective and things to ponder. One of those being, How will I choose to live my life? See the word choose there? Not want or think, but choose. Changes are not going to happen because I think about them, they’re going to happen because I choose to make them happen. I realize this may not be the most profound of revelations, but today it’s mine and I’m using that to move forward with my intention or theme for 2012. This is something that I’ve heard Jasmine talk about on her podcast for several years now and mentioned here and there around the internets and it’s high time I adopt it. It’s time for a new me. I mean, my new blog is called finding judi, right?

My theme for 2012 will be follow-through.
Say I decide I want to brush up on my Spanish. Do it!
I decide I want to organize my craft room. Do it!
The bathroom needs to be cleaned. Do it!

Or better yet, choose to do it. It is, after all, a choice that needs to be made.

The point of all this is that I’m tired of coming home from work, turning on the television, and then accomplishing nothing. It’s ridiculous. This is my time to fix it and feel better about myself and enjoy what I have and not squander it away.

So here is to a fresh new shiny 2012 and new adventures and epic times of being furiously happy!


weekend adventures

So many things this past weekend… maybe that’s why it took me an extra few days to get it all in writing. Or maybe I’m just lazy. You pick.

So let’s start with Friday. Day off from work and spent most of it working cleaning up around the house. Typical. However, there was pizza making, which I’m getting better at bit by bit. Friday’s pizza making challenge? Rain. Pouring drenching rain. No rain all day until I have everything ready to go and need to get the grill on. Yeah. So despite the obstacles and the soaking of me and not too much of the ingredients I made a pretty fab dinner. The recipe is from Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas. Delish!

Saturday was one of those all around great days. The morning was spent in a techniques class with Ysolda Teague and her new book Little Red in the City. I learned So Much! I am so ready to get started on some sweater/cardigan knitting that to date has not turned out all that well. I really feel like I learned some valuable lessons and well, I was able to meet Ysolda in person as well. FTW!

If you don’t have a chance to take her class definitely check out the book. So much information and really well laid out. It’s a winner!

PS: I love that she talks with her hands!

So, after class and hanging out at A Verb for Keeping Warm for a bit (hope you didn’t miss that spectacular sale!) Joe and Leeloo picked me up and we were off to get the car washed. I know, not much excitement there, but we did stop and take some amazing pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge on our way home.

We took a ton of pictures so I’ll spare you the duplicity, but it was an amazingly clear evening!

So that was my long weekend… Oh wait, Sunday you say? Sunday was a nice lazy day of do nothingness. Or well, more like a day of knitting while watching television and snuggling with Leeloo. A great way to end.


some things to do

Thought this nice rainy Friday morning would be a good time to catch up on ye olde blog posts. Plus, I’m super caffeinated from drinking like an entire pot of coffee. Whoops.

Leeloo wanted to say hello to the internets this morning…

I’ve started on my to do list and it’s becoming very lengthy today. Of course, if I had been keeping up with things during the week that wouldn’t be the case, but what’s the fun in doing things in a timely manner? A lot, apparently. Note to self: to do list should actually be done, not just looked at while I watch television.

One of the agenda items today is completely ripping back my Safire cardigan. Yeah, only one sleeve left and I’m just now realizing the it’s too small and I’ll never wear it. Actually, that’s not quite true. I’ve known for a while it was too small, but didn’t want to admit it to myself. The result? More unnecessary knitting. I know I’m not the only one that does this, but why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

So, it’s already mid-morning and I’ve wasted enough time on the internets and various other activities for the time being. Now, now is time for cleaning. Whee!

unwanted attention

Do I look to nice? Innocent? Is it because I tend to look people in the eye?

I’m not sure what it is, but I seem to attract the Crazy. From the just a wee bit to the I’ve lost my mind crazy. Today is a perfect example. I was almost to the bus stop this evening when I saw him. I’m pretty sure I didn’t look this guy in the eye at least not for more the a 1/4 of a second cause I saw he was going to be a problem. Yep, he latched on and for the next two minutes, while I actively checked my phone, checked the arrival time for the bus, I even had headphones in so I could pretend not to hear him, he waved his arms, licked his lips maybe even grabbed himself and then told some guy near me that I was cute or something (headphones, ya know). It was so great to be the center of this guys world, so great that I would have taken a random bus to the next stop if mine wasn’t pulling up.

Maybe I should look into becoming a therapist. I wouldn’t have a shortage of clients…

the big one

Sitting at home waiting for a sprinkler inspection – how often can one say that? – and thinking about the earthquakes yesterday. Pretty intense, yet at the same time not. They came and went so fast that I almost didn’t know what had happened, the first time at least. The second one I was on my feet in a second and then it was over. Leeloo didn’t even budge, as a matter of fact she just looked at me like, what? Looks like I won’t be getting any early warnings from her…

So, now I feel like a real Californian, like I’ve been initiated into the club. I even have the secret club website. Now I need to run so I can plan my emergency preparedness kit.