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I’ve had a mixed relationship with crafting this year. In the past I was more than happy to have many many items mid progress. It was exciting to start something fresh and new whenever the whim struck me. Now? Now I feel like I have too much in certain areas of my life. And this too much is bogging me down both mentally and spatially, which is probably why the KonMari method has sparked my interest.

As you’ve probably guessed, one of these areas is my crafting paraphernalia . Skeins of yarn, cross-stitch patterns, bundles of WIP’s that may never be completed and it’s creating a sense of duty that I don’t care for.

To alleviate this unnecessary tension I have sorted and prioritized a lot of items. Many have been given away or just plain trashed over the past few years. Even with all this I still feel like I have too much. That the crafting to do list is overwhelming and it’s taking the joy out of something that I do, well, for joy.

So what’s the solution? I put all the undone items away and selected one. One that will be a joy to work. One that the final result will bring me happiness. One that will remind me why I do these things to begin with.

For now that project is Stonecrop by Jared Flood. It’s not a particularly difficult pattern, but it has just enough to keep me interested. It’s the perfect project.

I’m about midway through the 4th pattern repeat with 8 more to go and since I’ve been averaging a little over a pattern repeat a week I should have a lovely new stole within the next few months. This is exactly what I need right now…


Here is my Ravelry project page if you want to keep up.

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