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Last week I magically woke up at 5:30 in the morning with this urgent need to sort through everything that was cross-stitch related. The end result is that I’ve paired everything down to fit into one box. It felt really good to get these things down to the bare essentials and I feel that what is left is the best of the best. These are the things that I love and will most likely be completed in my lifetime. Heh!

A few weeks ago we were in Charlotte and I did pick up a few things from my favorite little shop in Rock Hill. I mean, I hadn’t been there in almost three years and who knows when I’m going to get back. Even looking at their website just now had me thinking about new purchases, but I must stay strong to my purpose of maintaining a smaller stash and look away.

OK, so what did I get while I was there? I managed to walk out with only two patterns. One of which I plan to start after Santa is complete so I went ahead and purchased the fabric and beads I needed.

Mirabilia, Silver Moon Tea.


The other one, Sleeping Princess, I’ll start sometime down the road.


And yes, these items fit into my newly created cross-stitch box so I’m in the clear as far as that’s concerned.

While I was in Charlotte I was also gifted a fantastic pair of scissors while in town. Aren’t they gorgeous?!?!? One can never have enough scissors…


I know it’s been a while, but I have made some progress on Santa. The white for the beard has been a bit tedious, but oddly exciting at the same time. Once I get through that part I feel like I’ll be so close to finishing this piece. I really can’t wait to for this to be done, you know, in a good way.



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  1. I know those scissors!!!! Also, a few months back Mike and I drove thru Rock Hil and I think we went past that little store. We thought of you!
    I like the new patterns. 🙂

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