crafty friday

Oh my gosh! The past two weeks have been part hectic and part recovery from the hectic. This was partially due to my brother-in-law getting married and we spent a week in Charlotte visiting so many people plus all the wedding shenanigans. Good times!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled Friday of crafty goodness…

With everything settled I can finally show you a picture of my not so secret project aka gift for the bride to be.

shawl1It turned out beautifully! The pattern is Meira and was a lovely knit. I’m really thinking about making one for myself.

Knitting seems to be in my blood lately. Not only did I whirl through the shawl, but I’ve completed one sock. You heard me… one sock! I’ve cast on for the second one so hopefully I’ll have a pair shortly.

Sock the first.


With all the knitting I’ve been really neglecting Santa. I think I needed a bit of a hiatus from him and knitting has filled in that gap nicely. Once I finish up the second sock I’ll get back to making him a priority, but honestly, that white beard is leaving me a little unexcited. So.much.white.


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