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Did you notice? I skipped a week.

I know… once a week is too much maybe? Probably not, but by the time I remembered (need to remind myself that the calendar is my friend…) it was Saturday, then I was busy, and then it was Monday, and then I thought it was too late. Was it?

Anyway, it may not show, but I’ve been busy working on Santa. Pretty much exclusively to all other crafty things. Here is the missing week 3 photo. More bear.

Santa - week 3
Santa – week 3

I’m pretty determined to get that little bears face done. I’m realizing that even though I’m getting most of my tasks done from day to day I seem to be missing  time* that would be more conducive to cross-stitching. I’m sorting that out. Look to next week for a completed bear face. Pressure. I need it.

Santa - week 4
Santa – week 4

I have been knitting, a little. On the bus mostly, which isn’t often.

I was thinking about this yesterday and how I was feeling really guilty. But honestly, right now I’m so into this Santa that it seems a chore to knit. Crafting shouldn’t be a chore. Obvious. So I knit on this sock when I’m bussing and when I’m home I cross-stich guilt free. Until the knitting bug bites again, which we all know it will. Obvious.

So here is my bus knitting. Great yarn and someday it will be an amazing pair of socks…



*I’m looking at you CastleVille, Candy Crush, and various other clickety click games.


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