notice i don’t use the word resolution

For me today feels like the start of the year, like last week was a nice resting period before things really got started. That may sound strange, but sometimes I need a little time for ideas to percolate and settle into themselves. For me that means I’ve been reading here and there on the internet about what others are doing for motivation and ideas of what could work for me and today is the day that I pull them together and get started.

Over the past few days I’ve realized that my descriptor for the year, focus, is well timed and much needed. Over the past several days (and a lot today) I’ve used it as a mantra of sorts to keep things moving and work through my daily to do lists (yes, plural).

So, other than my word for 2013, what else do I have planned? Glad you asked! I find that I need to break things down into different segments.

First I have general goals like these on one list:

  • look into volunteer opportunities
  • learn a language
  • dedicate more time to yoga
  • design one knitting pattern
  • be more conscious about buying things
  • go to the local bonsai club meeting
  • work to organize and de-clutter our home
  • sleep better

These are things that I would like to incorporate into my life and I may start work on them immediately or I may let them sit for a little bit until I decide how I want to proceed, but they’re waiting to be put into play.

Then I have a list of some weekly habits for January. Things like:

  • cook dinner once a week
  • blog once a week
  • yoga once a week

And then to finalize the fun I have another list of new habits to do daily in January:

  • take vitamins
  • walk 20 minutes with Leeloo* (this is really more for me than her)
  • meditate
  • brush my teeth at night (yes, I know I should be doing this already)
  • remove make-up at night (and this too…)

So these are the lists for what I want to accomplish for 2013. They’ll be added to and modified as the year goes on and I find what is working for me and what isn’t.

In reality there are a lot more items on those lists, but some things you need to keep to yourself, right? Though if anything spectacular happens I’ll be sure to let you know.








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