Brenda Dayne. For those of you not familiar with the Cast-On podcast and “If you’re cold, put on a sweater” fame, then you are totally missing out. Even if you’re not a knitter you should go take a listen because she have this amazing voice and always has something interesting and insightful to discuss. This was the reason that I had to get myself to A Verb for Keeping Warm this past Sunday so I could see/hear her in person. It was a no brainer, duh!

She read an essay that she had crafted and yes, I use the word crafted because she is able to put ideas together like nobodies business, it’s truly amazing.

It was about knitting, but it was also about memory and how things come together. I’m sure I won’t do it justice so I’m hoping that at some point she’ll publish it on her blog so I can point you to it. What I find amazing is how she can one moment be talking about her first sweater and then the next about the Method of loci and then her Memory Bag project and somehow tie it up as if these things were always meant to be together. That they were always related. That, is her genius.

To actually be in the same room with her as she spoke was a bit surreal for me. I discovered her podcast only a few episodes in so I’ve been listening to her since 2005 or so.  All those hours and I’ve never felt that even one of them was wasted. Not one.

Alas, I have no pictures of the event. I was too distracted to even think about it.

Also, I dropped off a wee memory bag with a story. I may share that story here at a later time or maybe not. It certainly gave me some things to think about.

I do have a picture of my teeny bag though.

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