weekend fun

Saturday morning I headed out to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market for a Farmer’s Market Bootcamp with the amazing Darya Pino of SummerTomato. Now, I go to this particular farmer’s market a lot, but I always feel kinda lost and I’m never sure what to buy. Part of this is that I’m still trying to figure out this whole cooking thing and it’s hard to be recipe centric when the produce is constantly changing. Obviously, I need to be more flexible with what I’m preparing and more creative.

So what did I learn?

  • Taste things: I didn’t realize how many of these farm stands allow and even encourage you to try their produce.
  • Ask questions: I’ve always been a little embarrassed to ask questions when I’m there, but after seeing Darya greeted warmly by several vendors I see that it’s worth developing a relationship with your favorite farmers.
  • Stir fry: Most vegetables will work in a stir fry, a salad, or oven roasting. Oh, and add a few beans in there for good measure!
I didn’t buy these, but just look at these amazing onions!

I did, however, buy these and they were delicious!

I cooked us some dinner with the fresh shelled peas and morels purchased at the market. It was amazing! I need more meals like this.

And then there’s Bay to Breakers. I think I can only describe this annual 12K event with pictures. Mostly I took pictures of naked people for my own amusement. Here are a few that are safe for family viewing.

Here we are at the starting line. Notice the plethora of tortillas!

Love the hair shirt… he had a peace symbol shaved into the front.

And for those of you that are fans of Settlers of Catan, this guy needs a brick.



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