today’s number is five

I’ve been neglecting my podcasts of late and over the past few days have been playing catch up like a mad woman. One of my faves is the Joy the Baker Podcast with Joy and Tracy (@ So on episode 43 they asked us listeners to post five of our favorite things on our blog. Awesome! Cause I was going to tell you about my crappy eating habits today and this is so much more interesting…

So, in no particular order, these are five of my favorite things, RIGHT NOW:

1) Estee Lauder’s Praline Paradise Shimmer. Run don’t walk to the store and buy this. I’ve never been that person that uses an entire tube of anything and I’m on like tube 12 of this stuff. Go get yourself some.

2 & 3) Joe, my husband of 15 years and my best friend (bonus!) and my little dog too… that would be Leeloo. Extra points if you know the movie reference.

4) So my parents stopped by this past weekend on their way back from Hawaii and dropped off these little gems. I present to you Pineapple Snow or as they’re known around here, crack in a box.

I know, they look boring and stuff, but they are full of amazing! White chocolate with macadamia nuts and infused with pineapple wine. If you find yourself in Hawaii you must find them. Here’s the box top for reference.

5) Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey in a glass with a couple cubes of ice. Perfect way to end a hard day at work and a blog post…

I would have photographed this in a glass with the cubes of ice, but yoga beckons and I’m thinking pre-drinking may not be the best idea.

Thanks to Joy and Tracy for so much entertainment and real talk. Muah!

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