dinner ftw

So last night I get home from work and my back was feeling like crap again so I decided to forgo my illustrious to do list and just hang out for the evening. It was nice. I sat on the couch with Leeloo, a martini, some knitting, and some old Law & Order. I’ve been working on this scarf, Laetiporus, and may actually get it finished here in the next few weeks. It’s crazy long and I may have to dub it the Dr. Who scarf since it’s already way taller than I am (which is not really saying much…).

Later I got a text from Joe that he was heading to the gym and wouldn’t be home till later. Well, I decided that I should have some dinner ready when he gets home. That means I was going to fix some delish local ravioli that I topped off with some olive oil heated up with parsley, red pepper flakes, and garlic. Oh my! It was perfect! Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound so amazing, but my cooking skills are not all that, so for this to turn out so well was a huge bonus. It was so good that I decided to leave all the dirty dishes for today. Maybe not my best idea, but it felt like it at the time. Ha!

So now the dishes are clean and I’ve got to run upstairs and scrub a few bathroom sinks before I run out to meet some friends for the evening. My parents will be in this weekend so I feel like this place needs to sparkle!

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  1. I feel you on everything from your back, to the dishes, to the impending parental unit invasion! LOL My husband and kid HATE it when the in-laws or my parents come to visit. I clean like a crazy person!

    I hope your visit with friends was a blast!

  2. Yummy, Judi! Cant go wrong with pasta in my opinion. Nice work 🙂 Hope your back feels better today and through the weekend!

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