epic day

Oh hi there… I know, it’s been ages. I know, I really should write more, but um, lazy I guess? Well, no more. My theme for 2012 is follow-through and their will now be follow-through here. So lets say once a week we meet here? I think that sounds good.

On to my goings on in life. I have one of those good news bad news things. Times two actually. It’s been an interesting few days to say the least.

Let’s start off with the biggie. Joe gets a call yesterday letting him know that his dad is going in for heart surgery today. What!? We’re talking about the guy, who in his mid 70’s, is jogging like 3 miles a day. Seriously? I can barely run a mile. Ugh! I need to start running again. Anyway, I digress, Joe takes the red eye last night so he can be with his family. The good news is that his dad is in recovery and doing really well. Such a relief! I mean, it was only a technicality that he didn’t get a stint and no prior heart attack so not a stretch, but still a relief to get the good news.

Then there is my stupid ass. I’m hungry so I run out to grab some dinner and half way down the street I think… I didn’t take my keys. I rummaged through my purse to be sure, but yeah, no keys. Nothing. *sigh* Really? Yeah, really. So, I go grab my dinner and on the way back text the dog walker to see if she can get me in. No response. What’s a girl to do? Google a locksmith on my phone that has 13% battery left. I’m awesome like that. The good news is that this guy showed up in 30 minutes and had the door open in 3. I was amazed at his dexterity in getting that bad boy open and it made me feel much better about having two locked doors in the front of the building that a burglar needs to get through before getting to my door.

That’s been my day. One day. And I act like I don’t have anything to write about…

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