a lesson

So much knitting has been happening around here. So much! I was able to finish this super cute shawl in the first few days of January. I even washed and blocked it.

OK, I didn’t knit the entire shawl in two days, but I buckled down and powered through the last rows of over 400 stitches so that I could start on a fresh new project in the new year. I believe this is what we call follow-through, right?

This second picture is a bit more true to color. It’s a beautiful grey with bits of blue and purple. MadelineTosh creates such amazing colors. I’ll definitely be knitting with more of this soon. The shawl is called Sugar is Sweet and it’s officially my new fave!

Next I decided to knit up this super quick cowl that should have taken me a small portion of an evening, but instead took me four days of ridiculousness to finish. This ball of yarn right here… it taught me a life lesson. I know, so cliche, but true.

Malabrigo - Rasta

What I realized after knitting, ripping out, being unhappy, knitting again, ripping back, being unhappy, and on and on… is that when my mind is a mess my knitting is a mess. The chaos in my head translates into my knitting. Now I know why several of my projects over the past few months have been practically non-starters or better yet, projects that I knit on and on knowing there were major issues. It’s amazing where you can glean bits of knowledge from, especially when you are open to them. It took me a while, but I finally caught on.

The cowl is finished, but I need good daylight so I’ll get some pics this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have found some buttons by then.

I’m going to leave you with this pic of Joe and Leeloo. I really love it. I was fooling around with my camera after taking a photography class. Took me a few tries to get the settings right, but I think it’s a winner!

Joe & Leeloo

I swear she looks like an old man sometime…

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