I’m only part way into the first day of 2012 and I already feel fantastic, scratch that, I feel furiously happy (thanks Jenny!) and that’s how I want to feel the rest of the year and beyond. I went to a yoga workshop about manifestation this afternoon and came home with a lot of new perspective and things to ponder. One of those being, How will I choose to live my life? See the word choose there? Not want or think, but choose. Changes are not going to happen because I think about them, they’re going to happen because I choose to make them happen. I realize this may not be the most profound of revelations, but today it’s mine and I’m using that to move forward with my intention or theme for 2012. This is something that I’ve heard Jasmine talk about on her podcast for several years now and mentioned here and there around the internets and it’s high time I adopt it. It’s time for a new me. I mean, my new blog is called finding judi, right?

My theme for 2012 will be follow-through.
Say I decide I want to brush up on my Spanish. Do it!
I decide I want to organize my craft room. Do it!
The bathroom needs to be cleaned. Do it!

Or better yet, choose to do it. It is, after all, a choice that needs to be made.

The point of all this is that I’m tired of coming home from work, turning on the television, and then accomplishing nothing. It’s ridiculous. This is my time to fix it and feel better about myself and enjoy what I have and not squander it away.

So here is to a fresh new shiny 2012 and new adventures and epic times of being furiously happy!


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