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So many things this past weekend… maybe that’s why it took me an extra few days to get it all in writing. Or maybe I’m just lazy. You pick.

So let’s start with Friday. Day off from work and spent most of it working cleaning up around the house. Typical. However, there was pizza making, which I’m getting better at bit by bit. Friday’s pizza making challenge? Rain. Pouring drenching rain. No rain all day until I have everything ready to go and need to get the grill on. Yeah. So despite the obstacles and the soaking of me and not too much of the ingredients I made a pretty fab dinner. The recipe is from Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas. Delish!

Saturday was one of those all around great days. The morning was spent in a techniques class with Ysolda Teague and her new book Little Red in the City. I learned So Much! I am so ready to get started on some sweater/cardigan knitting that to date has not turned out all that well. I really feel like I learned some valuable lessons and well, I was able to meet Ysolda in person as well. FTW!

If you don’t have a chance to take her class definitely check out the book. So much information and really well laid out. It’s a winner!

PS: I love that she talks with her hands!

So, after class and hanging out at A Verb for Keeping Warm for a bit (hope you didn’t miss that spectacular sale!) Joe and Leeloo picked me up and we were off to get the car washed. I know, not much excitement there, but we did stop and take some amazing pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge on our way home.

We took a ton of pictures so I’ll spare you the duplicity, but it was an amazingly clear evening!

So that was my long weekend… Oh wait, Sunday you say? Sunday was a nice lazy day of do nothingness. Or well, more like a day of knitting while watching television and snuggling with Leeloo. A great way to end.


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