knitting update

The frenzy of knitting is upon me! In September I finished up a Jane hat and a pair of Intrepid Traveler socks and started on the Four Corners Baby Blanket*. Then started this super cute Safire cardigan, which better fit btw. And because the cardigan was getting a little large to cart around on the bus I started another pair of socks. I’m on fire!

So, pictures or it didn’t happen, right?

Ok, so I’ve already posted pictures of the hat and sock from September, you can see those here.

This is the baby blanket. I need two more skeins to finish it up, one for the fourth square and another for the border. I foresee some super happy baby all snuggled up inside. Squee!

This is a knit that I’m excited about! I feel like if I get this done and it fits I’ll have the confidence to a full on sweater. The only problem is there are like a thousand sweaters that I would love to knit and that of course, means more yarn… manage the madness, manage the madness.

But I digress, this is the Safire cardigan and it is working up so fast! Just don’t mind the temporary dental floss sleeves…

*No, I’m not pregnant, just thought it was super cute!

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